The law cannot be overstepped by the former law. It is extremely fair

criminal defense
A lawyer can practice only after passing the legal professional qualification examination and obtaining a lawyer's practice certificate according to law. According to the nature of work; According to the scope of business, lawyers can be divided into civil lawyers, criminal lawyers and administrative lawyers; According to the service object and work status, lawyers can be divided into social lawyers, corporate lawyers and public lawyers. Lawyer business is mainly divided into litigation business and non-litigation business.
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Operation and protection of intellectual property rights
Lawyer interview refers to an activity in the process of criminal proceedings, in order to understand the suspected charges and related cases of suspect and defendants, listen to the opinions and excuses of suspect or defendants on the accused charges, so as to better provide legal assistance for suspect and better defend suspect and defendants.
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Second instance and retrial protest
Labor disputes refer to the disputes between the parties to the labor relationship arising from the implementation of labor laws, regulations and the performance of labor contracts, that is, the disputes arising from the rights and obligations in the labor relationship between the laborer and the employer. Labor relations include: factual labor relations (disputes) and labor contract relations (disputes). Workers (workers) should first confirm whether there is a labor relationship. Only the labor contract signed by both parties may not have a labor relationship, and the labor contract without employment will not have a labor relationship.
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Marriage and family affairs
The marriage law is the sum of the legal norms regulating the marriage relationship in a certain society, and is the concentrated expression of the marriage system in a certain society in law. Its contents mainly include the establishment and dissolution of marriage, the effectiveness of marriage, especially the rights and obligations between husband and wife. From the nature of the object of adjustment, the marriage law includes not only the personal relationship caused by marriage, but also the marital property relationship caused by it. Marriage lawyer refers to a lawyer whose main business is to handle legal services related to marriage.
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Corporate compliance and equity structure
Equity disputes refer to the cases of equity disputes arising from the continuous exercise of various rights by shareholders to promote the operation of the company in the course of the company's existence. Equity transfers often occur between shareholders or between shareholders and non-shareholders, including shareholder rights disputes and equity transfer disputes, and gradually become one of the main types of corporate law cases. Such as the scramble for interests, the error of government functions and the existence of local protectionism, the non-circulation of state-owned shares and legal person shares, the imperfect corporate governance structure, the blind merger and acquisition with bad motives, the legal system of merger and acquisition, the imperfect laws and regulations, and the inadequate information disclosure will all cause equity disputes.
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Separation and inheritance
Legacy lawyers are lawyers with rich professional experience who can use professional knowledge of inheritance law, have a lawyer's license to legally practice in Chinese Mainland, and provide legal services for inheritance to clients. A lawyer with rich professional experience who provides legal services for the inheritance of the client.
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